Steve Waugh is a truly great leader filled by the talent, style and brilliance.perfect image of Aggression, mental toughness, fighting spirit and above all, achievement. 

The Australian cricket team’s success story led by Steve Waugh’s leadership truly reflects the strong build of his character.His influence not only limited to cricket rather it carries on to generation as an exemplary leader 

He inspired fellow players to act with confidence and determination to push themselves to lengths in case of adversity to give out the best in them.

Steve Waugh’s embodies discipline, sacrifice, attitude, consistency and reliability. 

As a true leader he show respect for teammates and trusted their ability to handle their roles in tough situations.

Leadership in his own words depicted on page 668 in his biography as follows:

‘Captaincy (Leadership) is about empowerment, about making your players responsible for their actions and, in turn, accountable. It’s about treating everyone equally but differently by recognizing there are varied characters and personalities who need to express their individual flair and instincts inside the ultimate team vision.

It’s about setting an example and not expecting anything of your players that you are not willing to do yourself. It’s about mentoring and at times protecting individuals, and taking on their problems so that the team will benefit.

You must recognize mistakes and not be above criticism, and be prepared to swallow your pride in order to move on. Crucially, it’s about seeing the good in people and focusing on the positives and the things you can control. It’s making sure time management is spot on and that you continue to earn your place in the side

At times for me it was about being an advisory  psychologist, mate, mentor, mediator, selector, mouthpiece and politician. Above all, it was about being me and doing it my way.’

I think this paragraph fully summarizes the belief of a true captain or leader and shows that he is the man of values.

He instilled faith in the players and give them self-belief and really empower them to be the best they can be. 

Although better known for his cricket prowess, Steve Waugh is passionate about helping those less fortunate than himself. His favorite personal philosophy on life is ‘If you don’t stand up for something, you’ll fall for everything’. This philosophy was put to the test when, during a visit to India in 1986, Steve saw children and adults suffering from disease and poverty. He was struck by those suffering from leprosy and their families and was prompted to get involved. For the past three years Steve has been actively assisting these families through his support of the Udayan Home in Barrackpore, India. The home takes children out of their leprosy environment and provides them with education, healthcare and opportunities in life. 

Steve is also working with young people in Australia, through his work as a patron of Camp Quality and the conductive Education Unit for the Spastic Centre of New South Wales. 

As a person he is a great humanitarian and brings hope to those in need. He is an inspirational speaker, not only for sports-loving Australians, but for many worldwide. Always leading by example, Steve Waugh is an extraordinary Australi

 STEVE WAUGH’S defining quality is his implacable self-belief. While inspiring his own side to play its best he also makes the rival teams play below theirs.

Man is not defined so much by success as he is by failure, by how he faces up to the possibility of failure, by how he deals with crisis, how he stretches his resources, both physical and mental, to turn failure, near-failure, into a glorious triumph.

The reason Steve Waugh is different from most cricketers is simply because he responds to crisis first like a fighter and then like a cricketer.

He has not only watched his men grow but has helped them grow along with him.

It is because he is as good as he is as a fighter, as a batsman in a crisis and as a visionary leader of men, that there is no doubt in my mind at all that Steve Waugh is the greatest active cricketer in the world today – not the greatest batsman, but the greatest cricketer and leader.


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